Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TTM Success Matt Carson (4 3/4 year return, longest ever)

Matt Carson 2010 Topps Oakland Athletics baseball card

I sent this to Matt in Spring Training 2010 when I was in 5th grade... I am a Sophomore in High School now and I knew it was an old one because it had my dads handwriting on the envelope and he wrote like 10 when I was just starting out because he did not think the mailman could read my handwriting and the last one that I received back with my dads handwriting was in 2010 so this I long overdue. I think he sealed this card back in the envelope in 2010 because the adhesive was so bonded I could not get it open. Matt Carson played on and off in the MLB for a couple years but was kind of marginal. I don't mean to come off as ungrateful or impatient because I am glad to get an autograph back no longer how long it takes so thanks Matt!

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