Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TTM Success Anthony Ray

 A total scan of my Anthony Ray cards he signed 6/6 in a week and added in some GU batting gloves
 Anthony Ray Franchise Futures St. Louis Cardinals custom baseball card
 Anthony Ray 2013 Donruss Elite Extra Edition custom baseball card
 Anthony Ray Johnson City Cardinals Custom baseball card
 Anthony Ray 1952 Topps Topps St. Louis Cardinals custom baseball card
 Anthony Ray "X Ray" custom baseball card
Anthony Ray Gold Rush Top Tier custom baseball card
He also sent me a pair of Game-Used batting gloves!!!

This is a nice return from local baseball player Anthony Ray! I contacted him on Instagram and asked if I could send him some baseball cards to sign and he said yeah and he gave me his address and so I sent to him and he signed C/o his home in 1 week and added in some batting gloves signed and in return I am going to send him 3 sets of these cards to have. He is good friends with MLB All-Star, Curtis Granderson and his father was a minor leaguer too. He went to St. Rita High School which my high school faces frequently in all of our sports. Thanks so much Anthony these are really cool gloves thanks so much! I will be getting you your cards shortly.

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