Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Greatest return ever---Tyler Heineman sent me a signed GU bat and signed arm bands + a great letter

This is why I make baseball cards. I wrote Tyler Heineman while he was in the Arizona Fall League sending him 4 customs and a Bowman and a letter with some questions. A week or two later he wrote back from Los Angeles and answered my questions and asked if he could get an extra copy of the cards for his parents to have. I did not know how to get it to him because he left the AFL and I did not have his address so I went on Twitter and Instagram and contacted him and he gave me his address and we kept talking and I told him I wanted to put backs on the cards for him before I give him a copy and I sent and like four days later I saw this: 
Tyler Heineman tweeted out the cards I sent him along with the one I signed for him.
A week later I drove home from school and I had this waiting for me:

The contents of my package from Tyler

Tyler sent me his game used bat from his first big league spring training! He sent me his arm bands also and signed one and told me to use the other one for my High School season which I will. He also added in a letter thanking me for everything. I was shocked to get this back in the mail. This is one of the coolest things a player has ever done for me along with Andrew Godbold coming to my house and bringing a bat and card. This is so cool it is always cool when I get an extra item back from a player but this goes beyond that I am so grateful for him doing this for me. I asked him if he wanted more cards and he said he was fine with what he had but he is getting more cards whether he likes it or not. This is the ultimate pay off from being a collector when a player appreciated what you do as much as this its makes this even more worth while. 

Here are some pictures of the items Tyler sent me: 

The arm bands Tyler sent me the left is signed the right I am using for my High School season (photobombing by a random blue sharpie)
A photo of the bat Tyler sent me the autograph says Jackson, Thanks Buddy!
The bat and the letter together
The full signature 
Thanks so much Tyler if you ever see this I am so grateful for what you have done for me I will be getting you so many new cards. This is one of the coolest things anyone has ever done for me. I hope you enjoy my autograph I'll be getting you some more cards of me. This is so cool. 

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