Monday, December 29, 2014

TTM Success Louis Silverio

A total scan of my Louis Silverio cards he signed 8/8 for me 
 Louis Silverio 2013 Donruss Elite Florida International University Custom baseball card
 Louis Silverio Camouflage red border Chicago White Sox custom card
 Louis Silverio 1961 Fleer Chicago White Sox baseball card
 Louis Silverio Dominican Country Men Custom baseball card
 Louis Silverio Broze futures finest Chicago White sox custom baseball card
 Louis Silverio GOLD RU$H Chicago white sox custom baseball card
 Louis Silverio 1969 Topps Chicago White Sox custom baseball card
Louis Silverio 1962 Topps custom baseball card

Louis Silverio signed my 8 customs c/o his home in Florida and this is a cool story. I followed his Instagram account and he followed me back and like an hour after he followed me he sent me a direct message asking if I could make him some cards and I said sure but could you sign a copy of the fronts for me first and he said yeah sure so he emailed me these photos and I made them into cards and I used a lot of my own designs which I will be using more of from now on and I sent these off to him and he sent them back today so I will finish these up and I will get him a copy of these to have. I also have some other players who want cards done that I am working on too. Louis's father was a MLB coach and Louis was drafted this year and this was his first pro season so I hope to catch up with him at spring training. Thanks Louis and good luck!

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