Tuesday, December 23, 2014

HOF TTM Success Doug Harvey (Umpire)

A total scan of my Doug Harvey cards he signed 3/3 and inscribed 2

 Doug Harvey 1978 Topps Custom as player as umpire National league baseball card
 Doug Harvey 1955 Bowman National League Umpire custom baseball card
Doug Harvey 2010 Topps Hall of Fame inductee custom baseball card

A solid return from a Hall of Famer class of 2010 as an Umpire. I do not remember when I sent these out, it was sometime in the past few months and he returned and signed them beautifully and inscribed two of them. This is my only 2010 Topps custom I have ever made and I am glad I got it back. Doug also wrote a letter back to me I told him I am a High School baseball player and a umpire and I wondered if he had any advice on umpiring and he told me to just know the rules and I'll be ok. Thanks for the return Doug!

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