Sunday, December 14, 2014

Autographed Card of the Week 12/14/14: Andrew McKirahan (Rule 5 to the Marlins)

Andrew Mckirahan 2012 Multi Aid Sports Peoria Chiefs Team Issue baseball card

Andrew was Rule 5 picked away from the Cubs last week to the Marlins. Usually I would be sad when a Cubs prospect I have some autos from but I am happy for him! This means he gets to play in the Big Leagues with Miami which is really cool. I was going to have him sign this card in Peoria but he was already moved up so I had him sign these in Spring Training 2013 at Fitch Park. Andrew was super nice when signing and I know there is some things being said about the surgery when he went but he is throwing straight gas hitting the high 90s after the surgery. Thanks for everything Andrew and good luck to you hope to catch up with you at Wrigley this summer.

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