Saturday, November 5, 2016

Back from the dead.

Hello I realize I haven't been on here in a while. But I've still been collecting and I am still rooting on my Cubbies! I went to two playoff games, one of them being World Series. I meant to post a tribute to Jose Fernandez but have just been too busy with school. I haven't sent a TTM in forever, I have gotten some very good IP autos this year, Harper twice, Kershaw at Wrigley, Corey Seager, Yadier Molina, Paul Goldschmidt, Joe Mauer, etc, its been a good year for graphing! But how about my Cubbies? I am so happy they won, game 7 was crazy, and I skipped school yesterday for the parade. It was a great season. I also have become good friends with former Cub, John Baker via my custom cards. I am/was on a first name basis with my hero Clayton 'the goat' Richard. Its been a great year and I am still on recaps of 2015, so I won't be able to post all of it, but I would like to post some of my better stuff this year with some stories.

I am also almost complete with the 2014 Topps Heritage minors set
I need:

Eduardo Rodriguez, Joe Panik, Hunter Harvey, Matt Barnes, Jameson Taillon.

I also started graphing at White Sox games, not because I like them (I don't) but who can turn down a ticket to a MLB game for $5? Its great for when the Cubs are out of town.

But long story short I'm trying to grind out my last year of high school and I haven't had time to be on here, expect some more posts soon.

Go Cubs! FlyTheW!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I got Bryce Harpers' autograph the other day

Bryce signed this years Gypsy Queen card for me. 

So I only had one guy I was targeting this series and it was Bryce! The Cubs side was packed, nobody really signed (actually Bryce was the only player on either team to sign). I was waiting by the top of the dugout for Bryce hoping he would comer over and stop and an usher would let me down and then Bryce went down the line and signed for a kid who had a sign. Bryce went back out and shagged some baseballs then came over and started signing down the line and I was one of the first people he signed for, and I was so happy because now I have the 3 best players in baseball (Bryce, Trout, and Clayton Richard). Bryce was definitely cool and this is a day I'll always remember. Thanks Bryce!