Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I got Bryce Harpers' autograph the other day

Bryce signed this years Gypsy Queen card for me. 

So I only had one guy I was targeting this series and it was Bryce! The Cubs side was packed, nobody really signed (actually Bryce was the only player on either team to sign). I was waiting by the top of the dugout for Bryce hoping he would comer over and stop and an usher would let me down and then Bryce went down the line and signed for a kid who had a sign. Bryce went back out and shagged some baseballs then came over and started signing down the line and I was one of the first people he signed for, and I was so happy because now I have the 3 best players in baseball (Bryce, Trout, and Clayton Richard). Bryce was definitely cool and this is a day I'll always remember. Thanks Bryce! 

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