Monday, November 10, 2014

TTM Success Justin Hooper

A total scan of all of my Justin Hooper signed customs he signed 6/6 and added in a letter as well.

The letter he wrote me
 Justin Hooper 1960 Topps Perfect Game All-American custom baseball card
 Justin Hooper 1968 Topps Under Armour Baseball Factory All-American custom baseball card
 Justin Hooper 2013 Topps De La Salle High School custom baseball card
 Justin Hooper 1962 Topps Sporting News 2014 Under-Armour All-American custom baseball card
 Justin Hooper 2014 Bowman X-Fractor Gold Under Armour All-American custom baseball card

Justin Hooper 2014 Bowman Area Code A's custom baseball card

I am so excited with this return as Justin is one of my favorite players going into this 2015 Draft. Justin signed 6/6 c/o his home in California and added back a note in which I included in this post. I really thought these were some of my best cards I have ever made. I am happy to get him on some new customs and he wanted some so I will get him some of these. He was at the Under Armour game so I got him there and he was a PG and Area Code All-American. This guy is decorated and will be a 1st round draft pick next year in 2015. I look forward to seeing him pitch professionally with his plus high 90s left handed fastball. Thanks Justin this is a great return.

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