Saturday, November 8, 2014

AFL TTM Success Tyler Heineman

A total scan of my cards he signed 5/5 and added a letter as well and signed some of them To Jackson,

 Tyler Heineman 1961 Topps Houston Astros custom baseball card
 Tyler Heineman 2013 Bowman Houston Astros baseball card
 Tyler Heineman 1995 Score Collegiate UCLA Custom baseball card
Tyler Heineman 1962 Topps Tri-City Valley Cats custom baseball card
Tyler Heineman 1982 Topps In Action Tri City ValleyCats custom baseball card
Tyler Heineman gave me a great return signing my 5 baseball cards c/o the Salt River Rafters in two weeks. Tyler is an Astros catching prospect and a alumni of UCLA. Along with signing my cards he also added in a letter (which you can see part of in the photo) answering my questions and he even asked for a copy of my customs for his parents which I will get to him as soon as I can design backs for them. Tyler left the Fall League early because of an eye infection so I hope you get better from that. Thanks and good luck. Great return. 

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