Monday, November 17, 2014

AFL TTM Success Garabez Rosa

A total scan of all of my Garabez Rosa cards he signed 3/3 in two weeks
 Garabez Rosa 2014 Bowman Delmarva Shorebirds custom baseball card
 Garabez Rosa 2014 Bowman Gold refractor Delmarva Shorebirds custom baseball card
Garabez Rosa 2012 Bowman Delmarva Shorebirds White cracked Ice custom baseball card

A good return from Garabez Rosa a Orioles representative in the Arizona Fall League. Garabez signed my three cards beautifully and returned them in 2 weeks c/o the Glendale Desert Dogs. Garabez has worked in the Infield and the Outfield in the Orioles organization and has moved up. He has a strong large build and is a good hitter. Thanks Garabez and good luck.

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