Friday, November 21, 2014

AFL TTM Success Ethan Stewart

 Ethan Stewart 1982 Topps In action custom baseball card
 Ethan Stewart 1961 Fleer Lakewood Blue Claws custom baseball card
 Ethan Stewart 2014 Bowman Gold xfractor Clearwater threshers custom baseball card
 Ethan Stewart 2012 Multi-Aid Sports Lakewood BlueClaws team issue card that he added in for me
 Ethan Stewart 2013 Topps Clearwater Threshers custom baseball card
Ethan Stewart 2013 Grandstand Clearwater Threshers team issue baseball card that he added in for me

I think this is a great return from Ethan Stewart. He added the longest letter anyone has ever written me a 4 page hand written letter answering all of my questions and saying the cards I made are better than the ones the team gave him (which is correct, he is a smart guy.) And he was a member of the Canadian national team. He is one of my favorites now I always like when players reach out to me like him it is really cool. Thanks so much Ethan I'll try to keep in touch. He signed these in 19 days c/o the Scottsdale scorpions. Great return good luck Ethan

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