Thursday, September 25, 2014

TTM Success Tsuyoshi Wada

 Tsuyoshi Wada 1955 Bowman Olympics 2008 Beijing Olympics Team Japan Baseball
 Tsuyoshi Wada 1968 Topps Japan NPB Soft Bank Hawks custom baseball card
Tsuyoshi Wada 1978 Topps Chicago Cubs Powder Blues Throwback custom baseball card

I am kinda happy about this one because I got two of these cards signed in person signed two days ago but I can send him some more ones next year with who ever he is with but it is not bad to have extras. Tsuyoshi is done for the season and probably heading back to Japan so he probably cleaned out his locker and sent them to me I just wished he had last week. He signed these sent c/o the Cubs and is a pretty good TTM signer, Thanks Tsuyoshi and good luck.

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