Tuesday, September 23, 2014

IP Chicago Cubs Autograph Baseball Card Recap at Wrigley Field 9/23/14

Chicago, IL--- It was a great success I also want to give a shout out to Cardinals fan, Gil for hooking me up with the Jose Castro cards if you read this please let me know I am very grateful for you giving me the Jose Castro cards it was a great gesture. I got a lot of guys today this is the first time all year where I could get there in time for the Cubs before the game and stay after usually traffic is horrible. Here is what I got it was a great walk off win too. You will notice that these are not great designs because iOS 8 ruined everything that's all I am going to say about that. I lost all of my templates for cards.

Daily Total: 10

 Rafael Lopez 1962 Fleer Chicago Cubs Custom baseball card
 Rafael Lopez 1962 Fleer Chicago Cubs Custom baseball card

I got Rafael Lopez in the parking lot by his card he signed one for me and then he signed one for my dad I printed two of them so my dad could have one. Thanks Rafael I hope you are a Cub for years to come.
 Logan Watkins 1974 Topps Chicago Cubs custom baseball card

Logan is always a great signer I am glad to get him on a Custom. Thank Logan and good luck.

 Wesley Wright 1955 Bowman Houston Astros custom baseball card

Wesley was easy to recognize and happy to sign and I am glad to get a custom signed by him. Thanks Wesley.
Tsuyoshi Wada 1952 Topps Chicago Cubs throwback custom baseball card
 Tsuyoshi Wada 1968 Topps Soft Bank Hawks Japan NPB custom baseball card
 Tsuyoshi Wada 1955 Bowman 2008 Beijing Olympics Team Japan custom baseball card

Tsuyoshi signed by his car and spoke better English than I thought he would. Thanks Tsuyoshi and good luck. Hope you come back next year.
 Arodys Vizcaino 1962 Topps Futures World Team Atlanta Braves custom baseball card

He did not take his usual 30 seconds per signature but he did sign this one nicely and this is one of my better customs I have made since I lost all of my templates and I love getting futures game cards signed. Thanks Arodys.
 Jose Castro 1990 CMC Indianapolis Indians Expos team set baseball card
 Jose Castro 1991 ProCards Rockford Expos Hitting Coach team set baseball card

Once again thanks to Gil for hooking me up with these cards I really appreciate. Jose was happy to sign and a good addition. Thanks Jose.

Thanks to everybody who signed and helped me out. Great game and a good way to walk-off the season on IP's.

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