Saturday, September 6, 2014

TTM Success Justus Sheffield

 Justus Sheffield 1962 Topps Tullahoma High School custom baseball card
 Justus Sheffield 1975 Topps Cleveland Indians custom baseball card
 Justus Sheffield 2009 Topps Team USA custom baseball card
 Justus Sheffield 1960 Topps Tullahoma High School custom baseball card
Justus Sheffield 1952 Topps Perfect Game custom baseball card

A good return which should have been returned in July but the envelope he returned my cards in was shredded and a stamp on it said "recieved without contents." yeah right... Like Justus would sign my cards then bring them to the post office and think "maybe the best way to mail these is to rip up the envelope and not send them back I'm sure thats how my fans would want their cards... not to have them at all." I am really tired of the post office it isn't just that, I am waiting on mail that hasen't even been delivered that I have been expecting for months. Any way this is a win for me over the USPS and this is a great return from the Indians 1st round draft pick. Justus cards were made recently but they aren't as good as my customs now and I will probably send to him in Spring Training to make a 1980s Team USA and wish him luck. Justus signed these sent c/o the AZL Indians and is the nephew of Gary Sheffield. Thanks for signing again Justus if you see this I got them this time thanks so much you make collecting so fun. Good luck.

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