Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TTM Success Gareth Morgan

 Gareth Morgan 1963 Topps National Teams Team Canada Custom Baseball card
 Gareth Morgan 2013 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase baseball card
Gareth Morgan 2013 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase Metal Short print #19/25 baseball card

A great return I was a little confused on for a few reasons. Fist this was a 11 week return but 7 weeks ago Gareth Morgan told me he sent them back. Another reason was that yesterday I got a return envelope ripped in half right down the middle and it said received damaged and received without contents so I looked to see if I could find who the return envelope was from but it said from AZ so I would have figured out eventually but today the other half of the envelope came and it had these in it. Gareth was a 2nd round pick this year and signed the cards sent c/o the AZL Mariners and I am glad to get the Metal card signed and I am glad it came back because I did not want to lose it. Gareth is a Under Armour All-American Alum, Team Canada Alum, Perfect Game Alum and is now a part of my autograph collection. Thanks Gareth and good luck.

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