Friday, January 30, 2015

Rest In Peace Ernie Banks: Family Friend, Mr. Cub, baseball legend

A signed photo of me and Ernie Banks at a Spring Training game in Mesa, AZ

Wow... I am at a loss for words still and it has been a week since Ernie died. I am saddened that the world lost such an ambassador for baseball. As a Cubs fan I have met Ernie many times and he was a good friend of my Grandpa who was a Cubs executive and GM and VP and I have heard stories of when Ernie went over to my grandfathers house after games and played basketball with my mom in their front yard I have met Ernie many times like this time in the photo at a Spring Training game in the early 2000's I met him at Cubs Conventions too and he is always happy and willing to sign but is frustrating to get you will get to meet Ernie Banks and talk to him for like 25 minutes but you won't talk about Ernie you'll talk about your self and he is famous for holding your Sharpie and card in his hand for about 25 minutes before signing it but it is Ernie Banks so you cant complain he asked me if I was a baseball player and I said yeah I am he asked me where I played I told him Pitcher and right field and I told him who my grandpa was and he said oh I remember him and when I threw out the 1st pitch at the Cubs game Ernie was supposed to be there to meet my grandpa but he was in Cooperstown. I am just really shocked he is gone rest in peace Ernie you'll play 2 in heaven and we will win one for you one day. Tell Ronnie I said hi. The baseball world will never be the same.

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