Sunday, January 4, 2015

Autographed card of the week 1/4/15: Carlos Marmol

Carlos Marmol 2012 Topps Heritage Chicago Cubs baseball card

I'm in the mood for Cubs Convention weekend which is in two weeks so I would show an autograph I got from the one in 2013, Carlos Marmol. I always hated him as a pitcher he couldn't throw strikes for his life and blew so many games and I was so happy when he left but I was able to get him to sign multiples for me at the Cubs Convention on 'scavenger hunt night' which was frustrating because I rushed into a line and was the 1st person there but nobody told me it was a flow over line after so after my line stayed empty (and I was the first person to get in line) the other line filled and I was thinking "suckers" and it turned out I had to wait them out and then I went which was frustrating. Thanks Carlos.

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