Friday, January 2, 2015

AFL TTM Success Sam Selman

A total scan of my Sam Selman cards he signed 5/4 in 2 months and added in the Rize as an extra
 Sam Selman 2013 Topps Vanderbilt custom baseball card
 Sam Selman 2012 Bowman Kansas City Royals baseball card
 Sam Selman 1964 Topps Vanderbilt Custom baseball card
 Sam Selman 2009 Topps Wilmington Blue Rocks custom baseball card
Sam 2012 Rize Kansas City Royals baseball card that he added in for me

Sam Selman returned my cards sent c/o the Arizona Fall League (Peoria Javelinas) in 2 months and added in the extra Rize card for me to have! I love the Vanderbilt cards they are really cool. It is always nice to know players think of you and add in extra cards for you to have it is always great. These customs are also the first ones I did with my new printer so this is nice I have gotten all but one back from the first sheet. Thanks Sam!

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