Saturday, October 18, 2014

AFL TTM Success Louis Head

A complete scan of all of the Louis Head cards minus the letter he wrote me
 Louis Head 1995 Score Collegiate Texas State custom baseball card
 Louis Head 1962 Topps Perfect Game custom baseball card
Louis Head 1952 Topps Perfect Game custom baseball card

I am happy to get this back because it marks my first TTM of the 2014 Arizona Fall League. Louis is a Cleveland Indians prospect and signed my card sent c/o the Peoria Javelinas. I also am glad to have my first return come with a letter. He answered all of my questions which is always appreciated. This is the first of many AFL returns... just wait. Louis said his biggest accomplishment was getting cut by his college team then finding a new one and getting drafted from it. He said he is looking forward to facing Taylor Featherston in the AFL because that is his his old High School rival and wants to face some better talent in the AFL. He also said he has all of the baseball superstitions you could have. He added in a few other things too. Thanks Louis and good luck.

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