Friday, July 25, 2014

TTM Success Matthew Railey

 Matthew Railey 1952 Topps Team One custom baseball card
 Matthew Railey 2013 Leaf Perfect Game baseball card
 Matt Railey 1962 Topps Perfect Game custom card
 Matt Railey 1960 Topps North Florida Christian High School custom card
Matt Railey 1955 Bowman North Florida Christian High School custom card

A great return on some customs and a Leaf Perfect Game card. Matthew was a 3rd round draft pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks this June out of North Florida Christian High School. These are some of my new customs including a alternate 1955 Bowman and a 1960 Topps and a better colored 1962 Topps. Matt also added a note on the envelope saying hard work pays off but the envelope was mostly destroyed like was a empty envelope that came in yesterday that was supposed to be from Justus Sheffield so I was disappointed with the post office that that happened twice in two days. Surprisingly these cards weren't damaged at all. Matt signed these cards sent c/o the Missoula Osprey and I hope to see him play at South Bend later this year or next year. Thanks Matthew and good luck.

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