Thursday, July 10, 2014

TTM Success Cole Tucker

 Cole Tucker 2013 Leaf Perfect Game baseball card
 Cole Tucker 2009 Topps Team USA Custom Baseball Card orange border
Cole Tucker 1952 Topps Perfect Game Custom Card

Cole Tucker, the 24th overall pick in this years draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates returned my three cards sent c/o the GCL Pirates about two weeks ago and now he returned my three cards and added a letter answering my questions like his biggest accomplishment was winning a gold medal for Team USA last year and his father is his biggest baseball influence, the biggest adjustment from high school to the pros was playing every day and the best part of professional baseball is having awesome fans like me that make his job special which I appreciated and I am glad to get these cards back he will be good in Pittsburgh for years to come. Thanks Cole and good luck.


  1. Very cool. Just sent Panini Elite Extra Edition to him, and really hoping to get it back soon. Could be worth a lot one day!

    1. If he gets it he will sign for you. He sent me the kindest hand written letter thanking me for sending to him.