Thursday, July 17, 2014

AAGPBL TTM Success Renae Youngberg

 Renae Youngberg AAGPBL Baseball card (she added this one in)
 Renae Youngberg AAGPBL Custom Card
Renae Youngberg AAGPBL Custom Card

A good return from AAGPBL star Renae 'Ray' Youngberg. I got some customs signed I have to admit they aren't my best customs by any means but she did add in an actual card which they seem to be good about and she wrote me a letter mentioning and quoting the movie which made this league so famous. She said her favorite player was Andy Pafko and some of her equipment is in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame and told me to always work hard and I love getting this kind of return. I sent that c/o her home. Thanks Renae. 

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