Saturday, July 19, 2014

TTM Success Colby Holmes

 Colby Holmes back of my 1954 Bowman Custom Card
 Colby Holmes back of my 1952 Topps Custom Card
Colby Holmes back of my 1995 Score.

A great return of Colby Holmes brother of Grant Holmes (Dodgers 1st round draft pick) signed the cards on the back and at first I was kind of bummed but now it is kind of cool that I look at it they are really vivid and clear and the 1995 score has a photo of him so that improves the return. I am glad to get this one because I love getting cards of players who are related and this is one of those guys I got his brother Grant as a TTM last month and at the 2013 Under Armour Game. I sent these cards to the Danville Braves and he returned the cards in 10 days along with a letter answering 9 questions I asked. Thanks Colby and good luck.

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