Saturday, March 14, 2015

TTM Success Michael Kopech

A total scan of my Michael Kopech cards he signed for me.

 Michael Kopech 2013 Bowman Under Armour All-American baseball card AUTO "UA ALL AMERICAN"
 Michael Kopech 2014 Bowman Draft Boston Red Sox baseball card AUTO "2014 1st Rd Pick"
 Michael Kopech 2014 Bowman Draft Duel with Michael Chavis Boston Red Sox baseball card AUTO "2014 1st Rd Pick"
 Michael Kopech 1962 Topps Sporting News Perfect Game All-American custom baseball card AUTO "2013 PG All American"
 Michael Kopech 1968 Topps Sporting News Under Armour All American custom baseball card AUTO "2013 UA All American"
Michael Kopech 1952 Topps Perfect Game custom baseball card AUTO

This is a very cool return from 2014 1st round pick Michael Kopech and I am one card closer to completing the Under Bowman set. Michael signed these cards c/o the Red Sox spring training. These are some cool cards too and I love the inscriptions. Thanks for signing Michael! Good luck! This might be my favorite TTM day ever getting him and Kershaw. Also if anyone has 2013 Under Armour bowmans signed please email me.

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