Sunday, July 19, 2015

IP Kansas City Royals Autograph recap at the Team Hotel in Chicago 7/19/15

Chicago, IL--- I got a bunch of guys I did not get yesterday and I did decent with guys, It kills me that almost everyone is 1 per on this team... But they are All-Stars so what do you expect? I was shocked how nice Rios was, he has been a jerk in the past... Anyways here is what I got:

Daily Total: 11

From top left to bottom right:
Chris Young 2010 Topps Heritage San Diego Padres baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Joe Blanton 2011 Topps Philadelphia Phillies baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Wade Davis 2010 Topps Heritage RC Tampa Bay Rays baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Alcides Escobar 2015 Topps Heritage Kansas City Royals baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Alex Rios 2011 Topps Heritage Chicago White Sox baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Luke Hochevar 2009 Topps Kansas City Royals baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Dale Sveum 1998 Pacific New York Yankees baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Dale Sveum 1991 Upper Deck Milwaukee Brewers baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Drew Butera 2010 Topps RC Minnesota Twins baseball card AUTOGRAPH

Chris Young: Chris signed one again he didn't remember me from yesterday so he was fine signing for me. Thanks Chris!

Joe Blanton: Joe signed one but he looks noting like in the card I only recognized him because his suitcase said "Blanton" nice to get him I hear he is pretty tough.

Wade Davis: Wade is kinda a jerk I asked him yesterday to sign and he said he would tomorrow and then I said when I saw him "Mr. Davis you said yesterday you would sign for me" and he starts yelling at me and said "Kid cut it out you are being aggressive" so I don't know what his problem is but he signed for me and nobody else. Thanks Wade!

Alcides Escobar: Alcides signed going onto the bus he wasn't going to stop but a kid stopped him and then he signed for everyone there. Thanks Esky!

Alex Rios: Alex signed going onto the bus and was incredibly nice which is shocking because he is one of the hardest graphs in baseball usually he signed for everyone and told me I had a cool card. Very cool!

Luke Hochevar: Luke signed for me getting onto a cab he did one and gave me a beautiful signature better than anyone I have ever seen wrote out every letter... Or not but that't what his signature is and he signed for me so its all cool!

Dale Sveum: Dale signed going onto the bus and he was 1 per for everyone else but he did 2 for me. He was a good signing manager with the Cubs and I miss him on the north side... Thanks Dale!

Drew Butera: Drew signed 1/2 for me while he was waiting for a cab I kinda wished he did 2 but oh well he was not easy to get anyways. Thanks Drew!

From left to right:
Paulo Orlando 2014 Bowman Kansas City Royals baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Paulo Orlando 1960 Fleer Kanas City Royals custom baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Paulo Orlando 2014 Bowman Kansas City Royals baseball card AUTOGRAPH

Paulo Orlando: Paulo was really nice he signed 3/3 and really liked my cards, I wished I had some actual cards of him but he doesn't have any made of him. Thanks Paulo!

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