Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Leaf 2013 Perfect Game National Showcase box break recap

I wanted to buy a box of these before the price sky rockets up after the Draft tomorrow so I am going to show my autographs (including one great one from Michael Gettys) and my bonus metal cards. This is a great set and I am going to TTM a bunch of these cards after these guys are drafted. Here you go: 

Michael Gettys 04/25 Autograph and Jersey. Great card. 

 Chase Vallot 24/50 Autograph Yellow 

Armett Johnson 25/25 Autograph Blue

Stetson Woods 22/50 Autograph Yellow 

Drew Wharton Autograph Black 

Jose Lopez Autograph Black 

Imani Willis 49/50 Autograph Yellow

 Gareth Morgan 19/50 Autograph Yellow

Stone Garrett Autograph Black 

 Noah Sadler Autograph Black 

Robert Byckowski Autograph Black 

Brad Wegman Autograph Black

Sean Reid-Foley Silver Bonus Metal

Gareth Morgan 19/25 Blue Bonus Metal 

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