Saturday, June 7, 2014

AAGPBL TTM Success Joyce Steele

 Joyce Steele AAGPBL custom card front with nice inscription
 Joyce Steele AAGPBL custom card back personalized To: Jackson
Joyce Steele AAGPBL Issued card that she added in signed and added a date and inscription personalized To: Jackson.

A great AAGPBL return with a 3 page letter with some of the most in depth answers and best stories from the All American Girls Baseball League . Joyce played softball after her baseball career ended no the fault of the AAGPBL coming to an end. She says she still has her spikes and glove and is very proud to be part of the league and her favorite teammate was Salty Ferguson. She complimented my custom card which is nice because I haven't really gotten a response from the players on my customs yet. This is a really, really good return thanks so much Ms. Steele and good luck to you.

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