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IP Chicago Cubs Spring Training Autograph Recap at Cubs Park 3/21/14

Well I am happy to leave the cold, cold, cold Chicago climate and jump right into my favorite week of the year and start with some Cubs baseball. Let me start out to say I wasn't sure how the autograph experience would be at Cubs Park when I walked up to what I presume to be the AAA level field was blocked off. I was then told to go around to what I find to be a better than Fitch experience having Fitch be a great experience. Also it didn't hurt to have one of the most willing groups of Cubs prospects to greet me and sign happily for me. I look foreward to adding to my collection with them.

Spring total: 89
Daily total: 89

Now here are the cards that signed today:
Austin Reed
Austin Reed
Austin Reed is a top pitcher in the Cubs organization and he signed my two cards at the amazing new Cubs Park. Thanks Austin!
Corbin Hoffner

Corbin is a low level pitcher in the Cubs system and he happily signed my card. Good luck Corbin!
Rob Zastryzny
Ron Zastryzny

The Canadian born prospect signed my cards and looks off to a good start. He was the Cubs 2nd pick last year and thanks for signing.
Zach Cates

Zach Cates
Zach Cates

Zach Cates was sent over to the Cubs in the Andrew Cashner deal a few years back and signed my three cool cards. Thanks Zach!
Justin Amlung
Justin Amlung pitched in Kane County last season and signed my card. Thanks Justin!

Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis signed my card walking out to the Cubs Park side field and thanks for doing so.

Tyler Bremer

Tyler pitched at Boise last season and signed my card this spring on his Boise card. Thanks Tyler.

Trey Masek

Trey is a right handed pitching prospect in the Cubs system and made a great addition to my collection. Thanks Trey!
Scott Frazier

Scott Frazier is a tall 6'7 RHP and a up and comer in the Cubs system. Thanks Scott for signing and good luck!
Lance Rymel

Lance is a top catching prospect for the Cubs and signed my card sporting his cool gear. Thank Lance!
John Andreoli

John Andreoli is a good one to finally get after failed attemps in past years but nevertheless thanks for signing John and good luck!
Marco Hernandez
Marco Hernandez

Marco Hernandez signed my cards with his hands full and added a great signature along too. Thanks Marco!
Ben Carhart
Ben Carhart signed my card waiting for a team meeting. Great addition and thanks for signing.

Stephen Bruno
A top top top prospect in the Cubs system who killed it all the way! Thanks for signing and good luck!

Top Cubs prospect Gioskar Amaya signed my five card with a sweet signature. Thanks for signing Gioskar and have a great season.
Trey Lang
Trey Lang is a Arizona native born and raised and a big big guy. Thanks for signing Trey and good luck.

Former MLB left handed pitcher signed my cards and serves as a coach for the Cubs in their minor league system.
Duane Underwood

Top Cubs pithing Cubs prospect signed my cards. Thanks Duane!
Tyler Skulina
Tyler Skulina signed my card and posed for a photo with me. Thanks Tyler.

David Bote was my first autograph of the Spring. Thanks David.
Dillon Maples

 Dillon Maples signed my 9 cards. Thank for taking the time Dillon
Trevor Clifton

Trevor signed two of my cards. Thanks Trevor.

Anthony Giansanti signed my two cards. Thanks Anthony.
Eloy Jimenez
Eloy is a top Dominican prospect. He was the #1 International Draft pick
Casey Coleman

Casey Coleman signed my 4 cards at Cubs Park. Thanks Casey.
Paolo Espino

Paolo Espino signed my four cards happily and I always love a WBC card. Thanks Paolo
Carlos Penalver
He has been playing a lot in the MLB games and is a infielder. Thank Carlos.
Lendy Castillo
Lendy Castillo signed my card. He was Rule 5'd from the Phillies to the Cubs a few years ago. Thanks Lendy.
Ryan McNeil
Ryan signed my card at Cubs Park.
Thomas Hottovy

Thomas was a NRI this year. Thanks for signing
Pierce Johnson

Pierce signed my three cards at Cubs Park. Thanks Pierce!
Hunter Cerveka

Hunter Cerveka signed my two cards. Thanks Hunter.
Paul Blackburn

Paul Blackburn signed my three cards. He has brothers in professional baseball. Thanks.

Desi Wilson
Desi is a MiLB coach. Thanks for signing

Tyler Alamo


Tyler signed my three cards with one of the best signatures of the day. Thank Tyler.
Michael Wagner
Michael signed my error card. Pictured is Rob Zastryzny. Thanks Michael

Jasvir Rakkar
Jasvir signed my card at Cubs Park. Good luck.
Carlos Pimentel

Carlos Pimentel is a NRI to Cubs camp. He signed my two cards. Thanks Carlos.
CJ Edwards

CJ Edwards signed my two cards. Thanks CJ
Michael Heesch

 Michael Heesch added a great signature to my collection

Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson was one of the nicest guys today. Thank and good luck.

Corey Black

Corey Black signed my 4 cards. He was traded for Alfonso Soriano. Thanks
Starling Peralta
Starling Peralta is a big RHP thanks for signing.

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