Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tyler Kolek 50/50 Mailday from Patrick O'Connor A.K.A. @Oriolesfan2131 on Instagram

Well today was really cool because I got a really cool 50/50 done with a good friend of mine in the card community on Instagram, Patrick O'Connor A.K.A. @Oriolesfan2131 on Instagram. As I used to be part of the card community on YouTube I moved off onto Instagram but I started as just a personal account but the more I am on there I posted more cards and I got a good response from other collectors who liked my autographs and customs and Patrick was one of the first people I made customs for because he personally knows Christian Binford who is a top Royals pitching prospect. But Instagram has a very big card community that has benefited my collection and helped me benefit others too. Well here is what Patrick sent:

 From left to right:
Tyler Kolek 1962 Topps Sporting News Perfect Game All-American custom baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Tyler Kolek 2015 Bowman Miami Marlins baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Tyler Kolek 2010 Bowman Super Fractor custom baseball card AUTOGRAPH

This is really cool because I wanted Kolek for a long time and he wouldn't sign at the Under Armour game for me but I got these done and in exchange I got a copy of the customs for Patrick to keep. That's how you do a 50/50 these came out great thanks again!

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