Friday, February 6, 2015

Great mailday! Padres' Prospect Nick Schulz sent me his game used bat signed! Really cool!

Wow I got another bat from a player! Padres prospect Nick Schulz sent me his game used bat signed! This is really cool this is a beautiful bat it feels sturdy strong but he is a big guy (6'3" 220 lbs). In exchange for the bat I am sending Nick a stack of custom cards which you can see what they look like here from my TTM Success from him a few weeks ago. Nick, I really appreciate this bat, I love getting stuff like this in my collection. Here are some photos of the bat and a picture of Nick:

A photo of Nick while he was with Fort Wayne last season.

The bat:

 A picture of the bat and the signature
 A close up of the signature
 His name plate (they accidentally misspelled his name)
 A further away picture of the bat with Zinger logo showing
 A picture of the Zinger logo and the indicator to show the grain
the name plate of the bat 34 inches

Thanks again Nick I really love the bat!

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