Saturday, September 26, 2015

IP Chicago Cubs Parking Lot Recap 9/26/15 with a hall of famer

Chicago, IL --- The Cubs were up late last night parting nobody wanted to sign if I didn't get Smoltz I would have been pretty disappointed but atleast I got some stuff done. Let's go Wild Card!

Daily Total: 7

Neil Ramirez 1961 Topps Chicago Cubs custom baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Randy Bush 1988 Fleer Minnesota Twins baseball card AUTOGRAPH
John Smoltz 1999 Topps Stars Atlanta Braves baseball card AUTOGRAPH "HOF 15"
Kyle Hendricks 2015 Topps Gold /2015 Chicago Cubs baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Kyle Hendricks 2012 Topps Heritage Minors Myrlte Beach Pelicans
Jason  Motte 2013 Bowman Chrome Green Refractor St. Louis Cardinals baseball card AUTOGRAPH
Travis Wood 2014 Topps Heritage Chicago Cubs baseball card AUTOGRAPH

Neil Ramirez: Neil was chill as usual, he knocked out my last card of him. He's a good guy!

Randy Bush: Randy is so chill. he knocked out a card for me, I'll never get shutout with Randy here.

John Smoltz: No introduction needed. This guy is a legend racked out for everyone by the parking lot. Great guy!

Kyle Hendricks: Kyle is the homie like usual. Knocked out some more I have quite the collection of him.

Jason Motte: Motte has been racking since he went on the DL, I am glad to get him, he has a sick car!

Travis Wood: Travis knocked out one more, not a very pleasant guy...

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