Friday, May 30, 2014

Jackson's Autos: Dee Gordon is leading MLB in stolen bases

I know I have been posting almost all TTM's recently so I thought I needed to mix it up and post what's going around MLB like Los Angeles Dodgers Second Baseman Dee Gordon leading the MLB by more than a 10 steal deficit. He is currently at 32 stolen bases as of today (5/30/14) and is being followed by Jose Altuve with 19 stolen bases. Dee is the son of Tom "Flash" Gordon former MLB pitcher and brother of top high school prospect Nick Gordon.

I will continue to follow Dee Gordon's stolen bases and hopefully see him on TV at the 2014 MLB All-Star game. Good luck with staying on the leader boards and I hope I educated whoever has read this on what's going on in MLB Baseball.

I picked up this card at a card show last fall and thought it would be a good addition as it is proving to be.

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